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market assessment, Strategic plan & product development

- Perform market due diligence
- Strategic Planning and Product Market fit
- Build and manage product team
- Customer acquisition within F1000 companies

National IT jobs training program

$3 Million Dept. of Labor grant - high skills

- Program Development
- Funding
- Partnership Development
- Program Management
- Grant Management, Data Collection, Monitoring, Reporting

Grant writing - strategy - business development - funding - technology implementation



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Insurance careers program

$2.3 Million Dept. of Labor grant - fin. services job creation

- Program Design
- Resource Development
- Curriculum Development
- Program Management
- Grant Managment, Data Collection, Monitoring, Reporting

Intl. Building simulation Assoc.

Strategic Planning, management, Resource development

- Professionalize rapidly growing national association
- Strategic Planning
- Business Development
- Resource Development

Labs Sciences career program

Managing $5 Million ARRA GRant

- Partnership Development & Coordination
- Online course creation, dissemination
- Curriculum development
- Grant management and compliance

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Hydrogen storage research program

$825 K Dept. of energy  research project

- Secure Research Facilities and Personnel
- Business Development
- Findings Presentations (DOE, NREL, Auto Manufacturers)
- Program Management, Data Collection, Monitoring, Reporting

grant writing, DOE, business development, consulting, data collection, technology development, strategy planning, business planning, partnership development, public private partnerships, grant management